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Elder Law and Disability Planning

Long Term care and disability planning allows you to make decisions today that will impact your quality of life tomorrow. With the cost of care consistently rising and the instability of Medicare you need to plan ahead. The alternative to paying these costs out of pocket or being a financial burden on your family is Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI). LTCI is an insurance policy that is designed to pay for custodial long-term care services. There are a varity of options and we can help you choose the right program to meet your needs.

Estate Planning

Planning your Estate is a very complex and emotional task. There is a lot to consider to protect your assets and family. A well thought out plan will avoid unnecessary complications, delays and expenses. 

Creating a Will is something that everyone knows they need to do, but few people accomplish prior to their passing. A Will makes certian your that your assets (and liabilities) at the time of our passing are distributed according to your goals and wishes.

Trust and Asset Protection Planning

As we age financial planning and account titling is critical to protecting your assets and life's work. Complexeties involved in long term care can become a burden to your family. The state and federal government have specific limits on financial resources individuals are allowed to have before Medicare will subsidize nursing home care. Plan today and protect your assets tomorrow, be prepared for this time of your life.

At Elder Law Solutions, we will thoroughly review your financial situation and advise you on how to structure your Will and financial and property resources to gain the maximum legal benefits that you are entitled to under state and federal laws.

Probate and Estate Administration

We provide probate and estate administration to ensure your Estate Plan is exected as you wish. After someone passes their Estate Plan is only as good as the administrator execting it.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

When the time comes that someone close to you can no longer manage his or her personal or financial affairs, we will represent you in petitioning the court for your appointment as guardian or conservator. We will counsel you on the legal requirements of your new responsibilities.